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Frequently Asked Questions

How we make our products

Our products are crafted from finger-joined hardwoods, face glued to form a solid block.  They are then finished with oil, or a tough and durable 2-coat lacquer finish system.

Oiled Products

Lacquered Products

Other Helpful Hints


Return and Refund Policy

AWP will accept returns of standard sized countertops with no customized features within 10 days of receipt by customer.  Credit will be given for the cost of countertop if the returned item is received by AWP in original condition.  No credit will be given for the cost of shipment in either direction.  Customer must call AWP for a return authorization before returning item.

No returns or refunds will be granted for custom or customized items unless covered by our Limited Warranty.

Limited Warranty

AWP Butcher Block takes pride in creating high quality butcher block products that our customers can enjoy for many years.  We warranty our products against material failure and manufacturing defects for 3 years.
It is important to remember that a certain degree of movement is natural with a solid wood product, especially during humidity changes.  When installing your butcher block please make allowances for this movement.  Slight changes in the size, smoothness or flatness of a butcher block are not considered defects.
Heat and moisture, and lack of maintenance, are the primary reasons that butcher blocks fail.  We cannot warranty our products against damages resulting from over exposure to heat or moisture or lack of maintenance (especially failing to reapply oil to an oiled butcher block).  Damages resulting from intentional acts, normal wear and tear, and alteration or abuse are excluded from our warranty.
The obligation of AWP Butcher Block is limited to the repair or replacement, at its option, of the product.  AWP Butcher Block will not be responsible for labor costs, such as removing or installing countertops, or shipping costs.
If you need more information about caring for or installing your butcher block please contact AWP Butcher Block.




How do I refinish my oiled product?

  1. Sand the top using 100 grit sandpaper until all scratches have been removed.

  2. Sand with 220 grit sandpaper.

  3. Re-oil using mineral oil.


How often do I need to re-coat my oiled product?

The best  answer is - when it begins to dry out.  How frequently it will need to be oiled depends      upon the climate.  The first few weeks you own the product it will require more frequent oiling.


Can I put lacquer over the top of an oil finish

No. If you do not plan on cutting on your counter you can order it unfinished and put what ever you like on it. We recommend the oil because it is food safe and is easy to re-coat.



Lacquered Products

How do I refinish my lacquered top

  1. Sand off all the old lacquer.

  2. Apply a coat of finish.

  3. Sealer sand with 220 grit sandpaper.

  4. Apply final top coat of finish.


Other Helpful Hints

Do I need to pre-drill screw holes

Yes. Failure to do so may cause splitting.


When I make a sink cut out do I need to refinish the cut end

Yes. You should use two coats of mineral oil or lacquer depending on the finish on the top.


What do I do about small splits in the ends

As the seasons change the humidity level in you home will change. This some times causes wood products to change as well. Small splits in the end grain can occur. Most of the time this is only a cosmetic condition and needs no attention. But if you want to fill the splits we recommend the use of a good wood filler or white glue and saw dust mixed to a thick past. After filling the split let the filler dry, sand off any excess and refinish.











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