Help for cooks who donít find standard counter height comfortable


A little (or a lot) too tall for standard countertops?

AWP offers cutting boards in a variety of thicknesses and heights to allow you to adjust your working height to one that is comfortable for you AND a specific task. (Learn more about why we started this line and how to calculate the correct working height.). Our boards offer portability and flexibility Ė for a reasonable price. They also work great in kitchens that need to accommodate cooks of different heights.




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Cutting board with legs available up to 8" tall. Custom sized for your kitchen and height. Board has non-skid feet to keep it from slipping.
Board as pictured (17" X 15" X 6" tall)














It fits nicely into our crowded little kitchen and gives me about 6-1/2" of extra height - the perfect amount to give me a shot at good posture even when I'm wearing my sneakers. The construction is excellent.

Beautiful hard maple with nicely beveled edges. The walnut legs have soft replaceable foot pads that give good grip and won't mar the countertop.

It works very well. I've used it extensively over the holiday season and am not having any back pain ... zero, zip, nada ...

Photographs don't do it justice - it is physically beautiful.

I strongly recommend this. If you are my height you may not think you need  something like this, but trust me - you do.       Steve C.

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